our curriculum

  • integrated & experiential

    Through the use of themes and projects, children gain knowledge and skills across various academic subjects (eg. language and literacy, mathematics, science) and developmental domains.

    The integrated nature of the curriculum content provides children with meaningful opportunities to apply their skills in authentic and relevant contexts.

    Field trips and hands-on activities encourage children to make connections, extend their knowledge, and make sense of the world around them.

  • holistic

    We believe in the importance of character building and nurturing good Christian values to build children up into strong, honourable young people.

    Through books, discussions and daily social interactions, children learn the values of being happy with ourselves, relating to others, knowing right and wrong, and reaching out to our world.

    Children develop self-help skills through various learning experiences and are provided with opportunities to exercise their autonomy, to become independent and motivated learners.

  • bilingual

    Our curriculum consists of content and activities in both English and Mandarin, equipping our children with literacy and communication skills in both languages.

  • additional programmes (optional)

    Our additional programme (enrichment classes) are carefully selected to provide opportunities for children to extend and apply their learning in the six learning areas. The programmes and providers are reviewed frequently for quality and relevance.

    For details of our enrichment programmes offered, please enquire at the Kindergarten Office.