6A Parenting classes


1. 什么是6A ?


2. 在这里,将学习到:

- 培养孩子的首要目标是什么?

- 亲子关系的四个模式

- 爱和管教的平衡定律

- 接纳帮助父母和孩子建立亲密的关系

- 训练和帮助孩子成为负责任的人

- 建立高亲密度婚姻关系,助孩子健康 

3. 课程大纲

I. 六A亲子原则介绍

II. 接纳 — 给予孩子安全感和良好的自我形象




Ⅲ. 赞赏





Ⅳ. 关爱





5月12日: 第一节课 

526日: 第二节课

62日: 第三节课

623日: 第四节课

714日: 第五节课

721日: 第六节课

811日: 第七节课

825日: 第八节结业  

PPH CA started the 6A parent-child education program in 2014. It is a practical course for building healthy family relationships. It is not only suitable for married people, but also for unmarried people/single-parent families to help every trainee to rebuild the relationship of the original family, to restore the glorious image of God's children in the family. Through proper ways of raising and bringing up children, the children's character and character are shaped in a timely manner. 6A makes us better people and have better families.


1. What is 6A?

6A parent-child education principles are a set of world-renowned and practical methods for children's education. Because it meets the principle of long-lasting education and strong practicality, it can effectively train children to form positive behaviour habits and has received universal praise from educational experts to parents.


2. Here, you will learn:

- What are the primary goals for nurturing children?

- Four patterns of parent-child relationship

- Balance Law of Love and Discipline

- Acceptance helps parents and children establish close relationships

- Train and help children become responsible persons

- Establish a high degree of intimacy and marriage to help children’s growth


3. Course outline

I. Introduction to the Sixth Parenting Principles

II. Acceptance - Giving children a sense of security and a good self-image

     Consequences of not accepting children

     Unconditional love

     How to accept your child?

III. Appreciation

     The root cause of appreciation

     Acceptance is the Foundation of Appreciation

     Avoid Perfectionism

     How to appreciate children? 

IV. Care

     5 love languages

     Communication of love

     How to love children?


2018 6A Parenting Course Dates: 

May 12: Lesson #1

May 26: Lesson #2

June 02: Lesson #3

June 23: Lesson #4

July 14: Lesson #5

July 21: Lesson #6

August 11: Lesson #7

August 25: Lesson #8 & Graduation